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All Frequently Asked Questions

    A: Lordaeron has existed long time but has a lot of offline time lately. It is due to the owners and the creators have too little time to keep it updated.

    A: We will spend all the extra time getting the maximum of the server. We will work based on what the players want and before it finishes we will have a vote on the website to know if the players want it or not.

    A: Yes of course. By spreading good information on the web about our server with your referral link, you can become one of us and even make your own money on it.


Lordaeron is a new project for Open Tibia. We will continue the work to hold this server up to date with new missions, quests and alot of fun projects.


Our sponsors and friends.


Contact us if you wana adverst here.


Contact us if you wana adverst here.